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ning listings on the board at the end of March, and they take effect on May 1. Meanwhile, more rules on ▓auditing committees and sponsors have also been released.The exchange will focus on small, f▓inance-starved innovative start-ups with strong growth potential. The ▓move has been widely applauded by venture capi

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estor representatives worry that too many of the companies listed will be high risk.They also voice skepti

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cism over the GEM's prospects, given the poor track record for similar efforts in other countries. Yet one t

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hing seem▓s clear as the market gets ready for take-off -- the pool of candidates for list▓ing on China's GE

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M will likely be large.Supporters, such as Wang Shouren, Secretary-General of the Shenzhen Venture Capital A

effect from mid-June. In additio

ssociation, believe that launching the GEM will more effectively allo▓cate financial resources and "promote the transfer of resources to productive uses, which will▓ be an important driving force for a second industrial revolution."He also believes that "now is good timing" for the launch. With hundreds of ▓billions of dollars of stimulus in the pipeline, and the Shanghai Stock Market Composit▓e Index rallying gradually to above 2,300, "investor confidence is on ▓the rise." That's certainly better than late 2008, when the index fell to nearly 2,000.Related stories:CNOOC New Energy Inves▓tment Co Ltd, a wholly owned subsidiary of China National Offshore Oil Corp (CNOOC), and Datong Coal Mine Group will invest 30 billion y▓uan in a coal-to-gas project in Datong, Shanxi province.CNOOC, China's top offshore oi▓l and gas producer, said the investment would go towards buil▓ding the coal-to-gas plant with an annual capacity of 4 billion cu m of natural gas, and construction of supporting projects including two coal mines each with an annual output of 10 million tons, relevant coal washing mills and coal gangue-fired power plants.Apart from natural gas, the plant will also produce diesel, gasoline an▓d other chemical products, the company added.It is estimated that the coal-based clean e▓nergy project will pull in roughly 26 bill

n to the exist ing 3 rules fr om the market regu lator, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange has also laid down it s own regu l▓ations.A decade after t he initial proposa l and follow ing years of a nticipation, the l a▓unch of China's growth enterp rise market (GEM) is f inally within vi ew.The cou ntry's top s tock mar 喜德县wap 贵港市5G 义乌市wap 阳新县5G 三台县wap 济宁市wap 平泉县wap 肇源县5G 洱源县wap 荆州市wap 东台市5G 广东省5G 平遥县wap 获嘉县5G 襄垣县wap 芦溪县wap 枞阳县5G 遂昌县5G 临城县wap 潢川县wap 传奇私服架设工具下载 传奇私服网站新开网迷失 变态传奇私服手游 传奇私服战士加属性点 迷失传奇私服网站 仙剑游戏 武易传奇私服手游 传奇私服发布网1.80 传奇私服手机互通 超变单职业传奇私服 迷失传奇私服网站sf